Uniting businesses for climate & community

A local initiative aiming to amplify environmentally-conscious business and support the community.

About amplifi

  • Collective of like-minded businesses


  • Within Tunbridge Wells & the local area


  • Amplifi positive impact in the face of Climate Emergency


  • Step up support for the local community


Why we exist

Our aim is to reduce the noise and confusion around ‘sustainability’ and facilitate ways to learn from and support one another. We believe that, by tapping into our collective knowledge and expertise, we can ignite real change and share practical ways to make impactful difference. 

The founders

  • Profile picture of Pete Kenyon

    Pete Kenyon


    Pete is a partner at the law firm Cripps that is headquartered in Tunbridge Wells. He is part of the team defining and driving Cripps’ purpose to use its expertise and empathy to make a positive and lasting difference to people’s lives and businesses. Pete is motivated by an understanding that when we open our eyes to the world around us, we can find ways of making it better together. In setting up Amplifi, he believes our collective skills and knowledge will create an impact on the community and planet today that we can be proud of tomorrow.

  • Profile picture of Jenny Kitchen

    Jenny Kitchen


    Jenny is the multi-award winning CEO of Yoyo Design, a creative digital agency that works with companies that do good in the world. She led the organisation through the B Corp certification in 2021, and now, as a B Corp ambassador, is a strong advocate and spokesperson of building better businesses with people, planet and prosperity at their hearts.

The collective

  • Childrensalon
  • AXA Health
  • Fuggles
  • Royal Victoria Place
  • Handelsbanken
  • Crowe
  • Cripps
  • Yoyo
  • Royal Tunbridge Wells Together
  • Tunbridge Wells Borough Council
  • Colley Raine
  • The TN Card
  • Snelsky

For businesses looking to make a difference. Get involved by joining a sector working group, and collaborating with your peers to accelerate our collective sustainability journey together.  


All things amplifi

What does amplifi do?

amplifi has been setup with the aim to reduce the noise and confusion around ‘sustainability’ and facilitate ways to learn from and support one another.

Together, we will achieve this by tapping into our collective knowledge and expertise to provide practical ways to make impactful difference. To this end, we invite local businesses to unite with the goal of taking action on the Climate Emergency and supporting our Local Community.

Who is it for?

We are an inclusive collective set up to share the knowledge and expertise of businesses, big and small, who share similar goals about their role in the response to the Climate Emergency and their responsibilities to our Local Community.

No matter your size, if you are a business local to Tunbridge Wells and want to increase the impact of your business and that of others, amplifi is for you!

If you are part of a business outside of Tunbridge Wells but want to get involved, you are absolutely welcome. This is an open tent, working together to help drive change and impact. 

How can I help?

We are at the beginning of amplifi's journey to create positive change but we have big plans to do so.

In 2023, through surveys and conversations, we listened to the local community about their concerns about the climate emergency and their expectations. Many believe that businesses should act responsibly and play a much larger role in making the systematic changes required to tackle some of the challenges that lie ahead. 

It's not going to be easy, but we are even more determined to come together to tackle them together. 

In 2024, we are now ready for action. Following our January launch event bringing everyone together, we then move into the next phase, which is a series of sector-specific meetings. The programme is facilitated by our sector leads, with the support and guidance from our partners, Net Zero Now. 

If you'd like to get involved, either contact the sector leads directly or please get in touch at info@amplifi.tw.

What’s the plan for the future?

We're driven by the idea that we'll get there faster if we travel together.

We will create events to bring businesses together and stimulate thinking, establish an online resource to share knowledge and experiences, and, in the long term, look to develop a shared framework to report impact, which grows over time.

Interested in creating a positive change?

Contact us